Cycling, hiking, rock climbing, river adventures.

Baños offers unlimited options for all tastes.

We recommend the following healthy excursions with plenty of contact with nature:

From El Higueron, cross the city towards Tungurahuavolcano. Arrive to a pedestrian track (otrail) of low height mountain that will lead you to the Tungurahua base whereyou will find Pondoa village. On the way you will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery of Baños, the riverside of Bascunriver, wild flora and fauna and different views of Tungurahaua volcano. This is a trail of aproximately 4 hours atmoderate pace going up from 1800 to 2600 meters above the sea level.

EL SAUCE TRAIL (The willow trail) :

From El Higueron walking north, cross Pastaza river by theSauce hanging bridge, then take west and follow the trail that pass all thelenght of Baños by the north flank fo Pastaza river. In this path you will be able to admirePastaza river and all Baños, wild flora and fauna as well as local fruitsfields (babacos, granadillas, tomates de árbol –estas frutas no tienentraducción en ingles). This trackfinishes at San Francisco bridge in front of the bus terminal. Is an easy track of about 2 hours.

LOS CONTRABANDISTAS TRAIL (The smugglers trail):
The name of this track is because in the old days, this wasthe way of smuggling sugar cane alcoholic drink. Here you will have stonishing views ofPastaza river, the entry to the jungle, the highway to El Puyo, wild flora andfauna, fruits fields.
To take this trail you can walk from El Higueron towardseast following the national highway until a pedestrian detour on the   Agoyan dam bridge, from there take the trialthat follows the north flank of Pastaza river until the waterfall named “elmanto de la novia” (the bride’s veil”).  From there you can continue walking, cross the hanging bridge overPastaza river and take the national highway or take the “tarabita” (a hangingbasket).   The way back will have to be bybus or making autostop.
This trail will take you around 5 hours at moderate pace.

This trial pass through the edge of the path with stonishingviews of Baños, Tungurahua volcano, Lligua village and Pastaza and Chamborivers.
From El Higueron, arrive first to the Zoo and few minuteslater take the pedestrian trailthat goes north by the edge that pass Chontillavillage and arrives to the “antennas” Campamento Ojos del volcán (Volcano eyescamp).   You may return by the same path orgo down towards San Francisco bridge in front of the bus terminal.
Duration: about 5 hours.
Altitude: from 1800 to 2300 meters above the sea level.

This is a native forest reserve protected by Oscar EfrenReyes Foundation.   You can do thisexcursión in 1 or 2 days.   Extraordinaryrain forest with endemic flora and fauna.  Espectacular views of Tungurahua volcano, Ulba river and LlanganatesMountains chain.   Is located in theecological passage of Llanganates – Sangay.
From El Higueron towards east following the nationalhighway, arrive to the bridge over Ulba river and turn southeast.   After a mille of secondary highway you willfind a pedestrian path.   After a 4 hourhike aproximately you will arrive to. Biologist Juan Pablo Reyes cabin.   We highly recommend this excursión as a veryunique one.   Please contact Juan PabloReyes on Oscar Efren Reyes Foundation in Baños.


In Baños, you will have gorgeous opportunities for thisactivity.   Beautiful and safe basalt wallsformed after Tungurahua volcano’s eruptions. They are located few minutes farfrom El Higueron.   More tan 30 differentclimbing routes are already equiped for this purpose.   You can count with the experted advice ofWilly Navarrete in this matter.